Piano Service and More in South Central KY with Jennifer Chiles

Piano Service and More...

Piano Service and More…

Call Jennifer Chiles for your piano service needs! This includes tuning, cleaning, installations, and these other basic services:

  • Piano Tuning
  • Certified Dampp Chaser Installer
  • Cosmetic Cleaning of Soundboard and Tuning Pins and Plate on Grand Pianos
  • Cleaning Uprights Under Keys
  • General Cleaning of Interior
  • Basic Regulation


Visit Jennfer’s FAQ page and learn more about piano maintenance or what to expect hiring a piano technician to come into your home or business! This includes how often you should tune your piano, why pianos go out of tune, and when is the best time to tune a piano.

Set an appointment with her by calling (270) 843-1269 or by filling out the form here. Jennifer is professional, punctual, and most of all respectful of your home and your time. She knows how important that is when hiring a professional to enter your home.

Jennifer grew up in a musical family, with 3 pianos in the home and learned the value of caring for instruments early on…. (learn more here)