Piano Maintenance and More in South Central KY with Jennifer Chiles

Piano Maintenance and More...Piano Maintenance and More…

For piano maintenance and more, these will help guide you in what to expect when hiring a piano technician to come into your home or business.

Q: How often should my piano be tuned? 

A: Your piano should be tuned every year whether it is played or not. Even though it is “just sitting there,” it is undergoing physical changes every time the temperature or humidity changes.

Q: Why does my piano go out of tune?

There are many many wooden parts in a piano, and all that wood shrinks and swells continually, putting the piano out of tune whether it is being used or not.

Q: When should I have my piano tuned? 

A: Many people have their piano tuned every time the season changes, but having it tuned once is year is usually sufficient. Consistency is very important to the life of your piano.

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